Top 8 Limited Ingredient Puppy Foods [2021 Review]

Trying to decide what’s best to feed your dog can be tough work as a dog owner. You have dry options, wet options, vet formulas, and more. The choice can be overwhelming when all you want to do is find the best food for your dog. When it comes to ingredients in dog food, though, less is more. Limited ingredient dog foods have less filler and high concentrations of the nutrients your dog needs to live their healthiest, happiest life. We’ve combed the shelves and narrowed down the choices to the best limited-ingredient wet and dry dog foods for your pooch. 

Product Title Bullets Product Link Score Award
Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish 9.8 Best Overall
Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Potato 9.6 Best Mid Range
Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal 9.2 Cheaper Choice
Canidae Salmon & Sweet Potato 9.0
Blue Buffalo Basics Canned Turkey & Potato Recipe 8.6
Canidae PURE Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato 8.6
Nutro Loaf Canned Lamb & Potato 8.4
Natural Balance Canned Sweet Potato & Venison 8.2

The Best Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is easy to store and the most popular choice among dog owners. Here are four great limited-ingredient dry dog foods to consider. 

Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish 

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Contains (1) 26 pound bag of dry dog food
Grain-free, limited ingredient diet with a single animal protein source
Helps minimize the number of ingredients dogs are exposed to
Maintains digestive he...

This grain-free formula offers sweet potatoes and flax seeds for plenty of fiber. Your dog will also get a good dose of amino acids from the salmon. It’s a good all-around nutritional choice for both puppies and adult dogs. 

Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Potato

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STARTS WITH REAL TURKEY: A recipe that starts with real turkey as the first ingredient, this adult dry dog food features a single animal protein source along with potatoes, peas and pumpkin to supp...

Turkey makes the top of the ingredients list, followed closely by potatoes. There are no unnecessary grains in this formula, either, so no concerns about soy, wheat, or corn allergies. 

Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal 

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Meat First
Limited Ingredient Formula
Made in USA
Single Protein Source

Zignature’s limited ingredient formulas have no grains, no potatoes, no corn, no eggs, and no chicken, which can be allergens to dogs. Instead, you’ll find plenty of fish, chickpeas, and flaxseed inside. 

Canidae Salmon & Sweet Potato

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Limited ingredient dog food filled with ingredients you recognize
10 Key ingredients or less
Packed with the goodness of premium, clean proteins
#1 Ingredient real meat, poultry or fish
Beautiful s...

Salmon provides all the protein in this limited ingredient formula from Canidae. The sweet potatoes and peas included in the recipe are easy for both puppies and older dogs to digest. 

Feeding Information for Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

When you find a dry limited ingredient food that your dog enjoys and seems to agree with their system, stick to it. Switching your dog’s food can cause digestive issues, so only do it if you absolutely have to and keep their diet consistent when you can. 

How much dry food should I give my dog?

Dog food manufacturers will print their suggested portion sizes on the bag for your convenience. If you still aren’t sure or think your dog is getting too much or too little, consult your vet. 

How to read the feeding guide on the bag

Once you know how much your dog weighs, check out the recommended food amount for that weight category. Most foods will offer a minimum amount and a maximum amount of food to feed them. If your dog is quite active, feed them the maximum amount. If your dog could stand to lose a bit of weight, then scale them back to the minimum amount. 

How many meals should I feed my dog each day?

The feeding guide on the bag is the total amount you should give your dog each day. You may decide to feed them once a day, or your dog may prefer two meals a day. Whatever you decide, though, stick to it. The consistency is better for their digestion. 

The Best Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

Some dogs may prefer the taste or need the extra moisture content wet food provides. Here are four terrific limited ingredient options to try. 

Blue Buffalo Basics Canned Turkey & Potato Recipe 

Potato is often easier to digest than most other carbohydrates for dogs. This food is a good choice if your pup has a sensitive stomach. This formula also includes pumpkin and cranberries, along with a nice mixture of vitamins. 

Canidae PURE Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato

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Limited ingredient canned dog food for food sensitive dogs
#1 ingredient real fish for high quality protein
Grain free wet food perfect for those with food sensitive stomachs
Just 7-10 key ingredie...

Your dog will feast on lamb, lamb broth, and lamb’s liver in this limited-ingredient dog food. There are no chicken by-products and no artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives in this formula made in the USA.

Nutro Loaf Canned Lamb & Potato 

Nutro mixes pasture-fed lamb with potatoes for easy digestion and plenty of great protein and carbohydrates. It has is a grain-free recipe, too, so it’s a good option if your dog is sensitive to wheat.

Natural Balance Canned Sweet Potato & Venison 

If you are struggling to find the right protein for your dog, try this venison-based formula. This vet-designed formula is great for skin problems, too, with plenty of natural oils and vitamins. 

Feeding Information for Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

If you choose wet food, make sure you have an oral hygiene regimen for your dog. That can include dental treats as well as brushing regularly to help remove plaque buildup.

Why should I feed my dog limited ingredient wet food?

Cans are easy to stack and store and should be recyclable. Canned food will last a long time, too, so you can buy it in bulk and potentially save on the cost of a high-quality limited ingredient dog food. Some dogs also just prefer it to dry food.

How much wet food should I give my dog?

Check out the feeding guide for your chosen brand after weighing your dog. Most will tell you how much of the can to give your dog each day. For example, your brand might recommend half to three-quarters of a can for every 10 lbs your dog weighs. So if your dog is 20 lbs, you’ll want to give them one to one and a half cans of food each day. 

How do I store limited ingredient wet dog food?

Refrigerate any wet dog food left in an opened can. Transfer the food to an airtight container and put it in your fridge until the next meal.

How to Choose the Right Limited Ingredient Dog Food

If your dog experiences diarrhea or vomiting after eating, switching them to a limited ingredient dog food could help. Here are some suggestions on how to find the right one. 

Talk to Your Vet

It’s important to talk to your vet if your dog is experiencing digestive issues. The symptoms may be signs of a more serious health concern. Your vet may also diagnose a food sensitivity or give you advice on foods to try. 

Avoid Foods That Contain Ingredients Known to Cause Adverse Reactions

Fillers used in low-quality dog foods can cause skin and digestive issues in some dogs. Other dogs might have a sensitivity to grains or problems with certain proteins like chicken or beef. You’ll need to try different formulas to see which one agrees with your dog’s stomach. 

How to Determine What Ingredient Is Causing Issues for Your Dog

To find out what’s causing the issue for your dog, you’ll need to try an elimination diet. Stop feeding them their normal food and don’t give them any treats. Then, reintroduce foods with the simplest ingredient list possible. If you introduce a food or treat that causes issues, compare the ingredients lists to see what’s new. 

How to Shop for the Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Once you know what foods are best for your dog’s system, you’ll need to go shopping. Here are some tips for finding the right food for your dog’s new diet. 

Read the ingredients.

Be sure to carefully read the ingredient list and avoid anything you know irritates your dog’s system. Protein should be at the top of the ingredient list. 

Check out specific formulas.

You might want to try a formula for sensitive stomachs if your dog has digestive issues. Alternatively, try one for sensitive skin if they have issues with their skin or fur. 

Stick to quality brands.

Inexpensive brands may cut corners on quality and ingredients, and that’s not something you want to get your dog. 

Compare prices online and in the store.

Limited ingredient dog foods can be more expensive than other options. Compare prices online and with various retailers to find deals. 

Research online and with your vet.

See what other dog owners are saying online about different limited ingredient dog foods. Be sure to talk to your vet about their recommendations, too.

Improve Your Dog’s Heath With a Great Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Limited ingredient dog foods offer high-quality ingredients packed with nutrients. Without fillers and other cost-cutting ingredients, your dog gets a protein-rich food that can improve their overall health. Whether you choose wet or dry, there is a great limited ingredient formula out there that’s perfect for your dog.