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4 Moods4 Moods
Peaking My Nose OutPeaking My Nose Out
Got My Face In HereGot My Face In Here
Why Have You Trapped My PeopleWhy Have You Trappe
A Sing AlongA Sing Along
So AsleepSo Asleep
Good Place For A NapGood Place For A
He Went Full CatHe Went Full Cat
Does This Thing WorkDoes This Thing
Do Not TouchDo Not Touch
We Got This Fancy BedWe Got This Fancy
Hmmmm HmmHmmmm Hmm
I Got BiggerI Got Bigger
Swinging TogetherSwinging Together
My Friends PupMy Friends Pup
I Like This Other DogI Like This Other
In The Sun RaysIn The Sun Rays
Nommmm Onm NommmNommmm Onm Nommm
The Office DogThe Office Dog
Look At HimLook At Him
The Doctor Is InThe Doctor Is In
Hardeee HarrrHardeee Harrr
I Want To PlayI Want To Play
Nommm Nom NomNommm Nom Nom
Growed UpGrowed Up

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