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Say WhaSay Wha
Why You Do ThisWhy You Do This
A Bunch Of PupsA Bunch Of Pups
No Hugs PleaseNo Hugs Please
Got The BallGot The Ball
Oh HaaaaaaaaayOh Haaaaaaaaay
One Dog To AnotherOne Dog To Another
Up In A BallUp In A Ball
Group Of DogsGroup Of Dogs
Super WindySuper Windy
I Am Curled UpI Am Curled Up
In The CornerIn The Corner
On His HeadOn His Head
This Works For MeThis Works For Me
Take A Pic Of Me InsteadTake A Pic Of Me
Bought An Expensive Dog BedBought An Expensive
This Will DoThis Will Do
Got His Xl CrateGot His Xl Crate
Chilling On My BackChilling On My Back
I Got A HatI Got A Hat
Hug MeHug Me
Shark I Saw TodayShark I Saw Today
Sitting AroundSitting Around
Got The Puppy In The BagGot The Puppy In Th

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