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Lazy On The CouchLazy On The Couch
Ruff DayRuff Day
Na Na NanaNa Na Nana
Say CheeeeeeeseSay Cheeeeeeese
How I SleepHow I Sleep
I Has A Case Of The HappyI Has A Case Of The
My Little PuppyMy Little Puppy
My BirthdayMy Birthday
Too Cold Out TodayToo Cold Out Today
Fun Nap StyleFun Nap Style
Long Flappy TongueLong Flappy Tongue
Whoa Settle DowqnWhoa Settle Dowqn
Hiding From Loud NoisesHiding From Loud
Nommm Nom NommmNommm Nom Nommm
Please Brush Your TeethPlease Brush Your
This Is AwesomeThis Is Awesome
All Curled UpAll Curled Up
Ahhh HahahaAhhh Hahaha
This Smells GoodThis Smells Good
That Is A Happy Happy DogThat Is A Happy Hap
This Is Sooooooo GoooooodThis Is Sooooooo
Major ScoreMajor Score
Little PuppyLittle Puppy
The Pug PillowThe Pug Pillow
Hahaha Yeaaaaaa Im CoolHahaha Yeaaaaaa Im
Go Faster HumanGo Faster Human
Ohhh YayOhhh Yay

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