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Where I Chill OutWhere I Chill Out
Let Me Get Up HereLet Me Get Up Here
Ohhhh HahahahaOhhhh Hahahaha
Found A Warm Place To Pass OutFound A Warm Place
He Is Kind Of Weird ButHe Is Kind Of Weird
I Will Always Love YouI Will Always Love
Any LaddersAny Ladders
Hey There Are You Almost DoneHey There Are You A
I Cannot ReadI Cannot Read
Oh Yes Yes YesOh Yes Yes Yes
I Need A KissI Need A Kiss
Hey Hey HeyHey Hey Hey
This Ice Cream Is So GoodThis Ice Cream Is S
No Dogs Beyond This PointNo Dogs Beyond This
Look At Me Like ThisLook At Me Like
Entertain YourselfEntertain Yourself
Wink WinkWink Wink
I Must Study YouI Must Study You
Opened This For YouOpened This For You
W Are Super RelaxedW Are Super Relaxed
Nommm Nom NomNommm Nom Nom
This Is Not The ParkThis Is Not The
Be Very AfraidBe Very Afraid
They Call Me SandyThey Call Me Sandy
Taking A Great SelfieTaking A Great
All Tucked In And Ready For BedAll Tucked In And R
I Love My BreakfastI Love My Breakfast
Making Her FacesMaking Her Faces